Black Actress Claims: ‘All White Individuals Are Racists Because They Are Hurt By Being…”

The word racism has gone from significance a mentality of superiority over individuals of various racial cultures to whatever blacks don’t care for.

As of now that thing they loathe is white individuals, which would fit the previous meaning of racism, however not the “new and enchanced” racism. A black performer has inferred that in addition to the fact that all white individuals are racist, yet additionally that all white individuals are twice racist for being blamed for spreading racism. This is liberal rationale with a racial turn.

Kelechi Okafor calls herself an on-screen character, however a brisk taken at her IMDb profile demonstrates that she was on two or three British reality shows, which is not even close to acting.

She, similar to all radicalized black liberals, was incensed that L’Oreal canned a tranny for putting forth a sweeping racist expression about white individuals and tweeted this:

Fascinating hypothesis. She’s claiming that in the event that you are insulted by being called something you are not, than you should be that thing. It’s sort of like stating,

“On the off chance that you don’t care for being known as a pedophile since you are not one, at that point you should attack kids.”

Like I stated, liberal rationale.

Past that, this announcement is in reality extremely racist (the genuine sort of racism). Saying “all white individuals” are anything is racism for the way that it is an expansive generalization of a whole race of individuals. I figure you could state “all white individuals are white” and that would be alright, however whatever else is racist.

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