Black NFL Athlete: ‘Trump Is Not Welcome In Washington D.C. I Hope He Won’t Be Around, Otherwise I Will…’

Rather than the circumstance of the national hymn versus the NFL circumstance showing signs of improvement, it gives off an impression of being deteriorating.

Josh Norman,the cornerback of Washington Redskins, straightforwardly threatened President Trump, well if you ask me. The ebonics Norman was talking hardly to translate his significance. For instance, Norman proclaimed,

“I hope he don’t be around when I see him.”

I strove for a hour to graph that sentence, yet got a cerebral pain and needed to go to bed. However, I’m almost certain it is a threat.

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman did not keep down while talking about President Donald Trump’s dubious articulations pointed to NFL players kneeling amid the national song.

“Just telling you right now, this man is not welcome here in Washington D.C.,”

This is what the previous All-Pro defensive back told journalists following the Redskins victory upon the Oakland Raiders this Sunday night.

He as well included,”I hope he don’t be around when I see him.”

Players from both teams Washington and Oakland joined with players around the league in protesting amid the national song after Trump ‘s remarks saying that NFL players who kneel amid the hymn ought simply be fired.

Trump conveyed new tweets saying “#StandForTheAnthem” and that the issue “has nothing to do with race.”

At the white house this Monday, representative Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that the President claims Americans should appreciate the flag.

Here is what Trump said amid a rally in Alabama on Friday,

“Wouldn’t you want to see one of these NFL proprietors, when some individual disregards our flag, you’d say, ‘Get that offspring of the devil off the field at the same moment. Out! He’s fired.’ “

Norman called the announcements “rude” and “horrifying.”

Norman locked arms with his football partners and Redskins’ proprietor Dan Snyder in a show of solidarity as the national song was sung at FedEx Field. Norman said Trump made it ‘personal’ by insulting NFL players.

“Nobody is divided in this,” he stated. “We was in unity, we wanted to stand for something.”

“You mess with one, you mess with us all,” Norman included.

The Redskins’ corner said he was particularly aware of the way that youngsters admire competitors like him.

“I think as a man in this nation you need to remain for something,” he said.

The demonstration of kneeling or raising a clench hand amid the national song has drawn feedback from numerous people and has been called impolite. Norman says that isn’t what his activities are about.

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All credits for the video goes to the youtube channel “Sports And News.”

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  1. L. J. Cardin

    A threat is a crime. Threats should be taken seriously and charged with it. l

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    This dude should be in jail, awaiting his trial.

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