Charles Barkley Urges Players To Be Smarter: ‘You Will Be Used By The…’

Recently on “The Dan Patrick Show,” NBA Hall of Fame’s Charles Barkley stated that the media will exploit the national anthem protests that which started by President Donald Trump’s reactions.

Barkley was convinced that this debate won’t stop in the near future since it is the sort of story that the media loves to use for its purposes.

“I don’t tell people how to protest or not protest.

You do what you want to. I would stand for the national anthem, personally, but I don’t ever tell anybody how to protest, and especially if they’re peaceful.

If they’re peaceful, that’s the right way to go.

Now they’ve got the platform, they got to use it because we’re going to spend all our — wasting our time — this is where the players got to be smarter.

They’ve got to understand the media is not our friend,” Barkley said to host Dan Patrick.

He included,

“Don’t let the media make all this money, because they’re on TV and radio 24/7 talking about who’s kneeling and people calling in and arguing for four hours at a time, but what are they arguing about, that’s the most important thing.”

All credits for the video goes to the youtube channel “Dan Patrick Show.”

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