Check Out Which Companies Are Giving Away Millions Just To Destroy President Donald Trump

The “resistance” development against Donald Trump might not have been exceptionally viable in the 2016 race, however they’re absolutely industrious. Presently we know why. They’re being financed by extremely rich people and multi-national uber organizations.

Substantial organizations frequently endeavor to cover up such gifts behind super PACS and bundlers. However, thanks to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, we now know few organizations and names.

The Center for Community Change Action, which is at the focal point of this uncover, is a proactive hostile to Trump association that seats its individuals on liberal dissident sheets and advances coordinate activity against Donald Trump.

Check out the list below:


The most important giver to the Center for Community Change Action is the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The left-wing partner of the super oat mark gave a gigantic $3,000,000 to the association.


The Ford Foundation, which was shaped by the authors of Ford Motor Company, gave a further $2,350,000.

Kellogg and Ford aren’t the main uber benefactors to the Center for Community Change Action. The California Endowment gave $524,500, the National Immigration Law Center gave $316,000, the Marquerite Casey Foundation gave $515,000, and Fidelity Charitable Gift gave $505,100.

3. George Soros

And Obviously, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation gave $1,750,000.

If you truly support Donald Trump, don’t bolster these organizations. Your money are straightforwardly financing associations that are attempting to wipe out our leader.

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