CNN Journalist Ryan Lizza: ‘Trump Has Huge Issues With People of Color, This Is Becoming A Pattern And He Needs To…’

Recently CNN’s “Situation Room,” New Yorker Washington and CNN journalist and Ryan Lizza responded to President Trump’s tweets about LaVar Ball by expressing that the President has a huge problem “with people of color who call him out.” Here is a part of the conversation:

Sciutto: “Listen, we can overlook at the president’s tweets, but this was a pretty remarkable tweet and I want to put it up on the screen there. Calling lavar ball a poor man’s version of Don King, an ungrateful fool, exclamation point. Looks like there is some dog whistling going on there, Ryan. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Lizza: “What does that mean? Randomly comparing him to another African-American celebrity and bizarrely one of the few African-American surrogates that trump had.”

Sciutto: “Supported him.”

Lizza stated, “I don’t even know how to analyze it. I don’t know exactly what he’s saying, but there’s been a lot of commentary from a lot of people who, like you said, dog whistle.”

“There’s some obvious racist overtones here. He just constantly tweets at and attacks African-American, people of color from Twitter.”

“He has some issue with people of color who call him out. It’s just — it is a pattern.”

“I know I’ve said this in the past, and people have said, ‘Oh, well, he calls everyone out. It’s not a race thing.’ I think it’s a race thing.”

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