Democrat, Mayor Bill De Blasio: ‘I’m A Muslim Too, We Will Show That…’

Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed last Sunday, at a rally Times Square in help of American Muslims. He claims it’s crucial to look above stereotypes and remain in solidarity with Muslims, who are a piece of our nation’s texture.

Here’s a part of his speech:

“This is a message we have to get all over this country. There are good people in this country who have been given the wrong information, who have been shown stereotypes, horrible stereotypes.”

He continued:

“There are 1.6 billion muslims in the world. Overwhelmingly like every other faith, overwhelmingly peace loving people who care about their family, who care about their community and trying to do good on this Earth.”

“We have to dispel these stereotypes. We have to show that there is a human communality across all people and all faiths. We will show it that in the greatest city of diversity on this Earth – New York City.”

“I always say if you wanna see what could be in this world, if you want to see human beings of all backgrounds and faiths finding a way to live together, just go on a New York City subway-car and look around you.”

“We actually found a way to make it work in this city. So the message today, the message is one of solidarity, the message is one that we are going to live through each others hearts, through each others eyes and see the world.”

“So i’m proud to say today ‘I’m a muslim too.’ “

Check out the video below:

All credits for the video goes to the youtube channel “IlmFeed.”

It seems like this democrat encouraged the terror attack in New York City. Shame on you democrats!!!! Stop going against our nation.

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