Democrat Mazie Hirono: ‘I Would Love It If Trump Resigns, He Admitted That He Is A Sexual…’

Recently on CNN’s “The Lead,” Mazie Hirono (D-HI), who asked Senator Al Franken (D-MN) to leave office, expressed that she would “love it” if President Trump and Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore also resigned.

Hirono stated, “I would love it if both of them stepped aside. Because I have said publicly that President Trump has admitted to being a sexual predator.”

“And as for Roy Moore, the credible allegations of him being a child molester basically should cause both of them to look at themselves and step down. I would love it.”

“But at the same time, you know –, and looking forward, where are the Republican voices? Where is their outrage?”

“In fact, on the opposite end, they’re coming forward to support Roy Moore. How’s that for totally inappropriate positions?”

Host Jake Tapper asked Hirono if Democrats really want Franken to leave office to attempt and difference their treatment of sexual offense with the GOP’s way of doing so.

She answered that she has the intention to be the part of a major change on sexual misbehaving.

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One Thought to “Democrat Mazie Hirono: ‘I Would Love It If Trump Resigns, He Admitted That He Is A Sexual…’”

  1. Nancy Campanelli\

    Where’s YOUR outrage about the ‘real’ predators in the Democratic party? Trump has NEVER admitted to being a sexual predator. More from the MSM?? You’re all sick. Anything to take away from the new news about all the corruption in your party & all the money taxpayers have put out for your party members to keep the mouths of their sexual harrassment victims SHUT!…. And you called ‘us’ deplorables? YOU ARE THE DEPLORABLES.

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