Democrat Sen. Barbara Favola: ‘Republicans Are Evil And We “Democrats” Are The Good…’

Virginia State Sen. Barbara Favola stated that Republicans, “Are evil, we’re the good guys” at a rally for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial applicant Ralph Northam.

At the rally in Arlington, Virginia, last Wednesday Favola stated:

“My colleagues didn’t really tell you how dangerous it will be if the other side wins. They’re evil, we’re the good guys.”

The democrats that were present there responded with thunderous praise.

Journalists asked Virginia gubernatorial applicant Ralph Northam about the latest argument and whether Northam bolsters this troublesome rethoric. Northam stated:

“I put stock in bringing individuals from the two sides of the passageway to the table, doing things the Virginia way.”

Northam did not opposed his kindred Democrats’ announcement that Republicans “are evil.”

A Washington Post columnist asked Northam, “So they’re not evil?”

Northam reacted, “I remain by my announcement.”

The latest discussion falls off the foot of a Latino Victory Fund advertisement that included an Ed Gillespie supporter endeavoring to pursue down minority children. The Gillespie campaign called the campaign advertisement “sickening.” The Washington Post criticized the advertisement as “disgusting” and smashed the Northam campaign for not denying the Latino Victory Fund advertisement.

The Latino Victory Fund pulled the advertisement in the wake of a New York City fear based on terorrist assaults, in which the speculate kept running over more than a few people while yelling, “Allahu Akbar.”

What is the following embarrassment from these pathetic democrats? What do you think about this, leave your comments below!

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