While Every Single Media Is Going Against Trump, He Did Something To Encourage Every Christian

While turmoil twirls in Washington, DC, and the media proceeds with its witch chase against President Trump, he just continues working.

On Tuesday, he met with the President of Turkey, and encouraged him to release an American righteous man, who is wrongfully imprisoned there.

Minister Andrew Brunson, of North Carolina, and his better half, were held in Turkey for Visa issues. In any case, he has been held in prison there now since October, on exceptionally misty charges of a terrorism-link nature.

Minister Brunson and his better half have lived in Turkey for 23, running a little Christian church there. The Turkish government hasn’t release many insights concerning why they are holding Pastor Brunson.

Minister Brunson composed a letter to President Trump earlier this year, requesting for his assistance and President Trump is doing quite recently that!


Both President Trump and VP Pence, durint their meeting with the Turkish President on Tuesday, supposedly brought the Pastor 3 times. It is trusted that Turkey might be holding the Pastor as a negotiating advantage, to control the U.S. to extradite Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is living in Pennsylvania and who Turkey thinks is included in a terrorist orgnaization.

It is not alright for a nation to hold an innocent man, let’s specify a man of God, as a political advantage!

Share to spread this information, and to show excatly what our beloved President is doing for our Country, let’s shout all the media going against him.

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