Fox News Host Laura Ingraham: “Sen. Al Franken’s Resignation Is The First Step Towards Impeaching…’

Recently on MSNBC, host Stephanie Ruhle discussed about whether Fox News host Laura Ingraham was correct when she stated that Democrats are pushing for the resignation of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) over his inappropriate sexual behavior as a first step towards impeaching President Donald Trump.

Ruhle: “We can talk all day long about how unpopular President Trump is—he is a political Svengali. An unpopular, completely unqualified, morally reprehensible person became president of the United States. I cannot believe—lightning’s going to strike me, I’m saying this—I want to share what Laura Ingraham had to say.”

Ingraham: “They’ve come down with a sudden case of feverish morality, but what it really is nothing more than a political calculation by the Dems. It sets the precedent for the Democrats to try to drive Roy Moore from office should he win the Alabama Senate race. And, two, this is the next step in the quest to impeach President Trump.”

Ruhle: “I feel like lightning is going to strike me. Does Laura Ingraham have a point here? Democrats are going—Al Franken could be the sacrificial lamb and say, look at the moral high ground we found. Doesn’t it take one simple moment for Republicans to turn around and say reminder, you stood behind Bill Clinton for 40 years.”

Pesca: “I think the accusation is they’re trying to grab the moral high ground but I think they did it. Twenty years ago is 20 years ago. There’s nothing you can do about Bill Clinton now. But you have Farenthold there, a Republican in the House of Representatives. You have the president. What are you Republicans doing about it, right? The people of Alabama can vote and that’s a democratic process.”

“Now you have the exact same situation. There’s no analogous situation to a president who served three terms ago and now evidence is coming out.”

“You have exactly analogous situation there in the House. You’re doing nothing about it. So let the people decide what the parties stand for.”

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One Thought to “Fox News Host Laura Ingraham: “Sen. Al Franken’s Resignation Is The First Step Towards Impeaching…’”

  1. Dub Burnett

    Trump is the most positive thing we have had in Washington for some time. In regard to sexual issues Franken is one thing Trump another. Franken has video showing his stupid behavior. Little or no evidence is there on Trump. This recent issue of men harassing women has been blown way out of proportion, exploited by women who were most likely complicit at the time, and covered from a very limited perspective to push an agenda.

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