Gay Couple Files A Lawsuit Against A Christian Baker, But Then President Trump Interferes…

Not long ago Barack Obama was President of the US, and we all know that he wasn’t fighting for Christian values, but rather he supported the LGBT members. He stated that Christians would be prosecuted if they don’t accept anti-Christian orders from clients.

A Denver baker named Jack Phillips was in trouble when he declined to make a LGBT cake for a gay couple. Because of this, they filed a lawsuit, attempting to crush his business.

However, President Trump recently announced that he will help Jack Phillips by utilizing his Justice Department for a good aim, fighting for Christian rights. Have a close look at Jack Phillips’ story:

All credits for the video goes to the youtube channel of “The Daily Signal.”

“The Department of Justice on Thursday led documents with the Supreme Court in support of a Colorado baker who is religiously opposed to making wedding cakes for same-sex couples,”

states New York Daily News.

“Four years is a long time for something that lasted less than two minutes,”

Mullins stated.

“Every step of the way here in Colorado, the courts and commissions have found that Jack Phillips violated Colorado law. We’d like to end with that still being the case.”

With Obama gone, they will be defeated… for sure. President Trump, unlike Obama, is fighting for Christian values. Share this story if you support his decision.

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