George Clooney Is Being Punished By Most Americans For Constantly Criticizing President Trump And…

George Clooney has invested a lot of time and effort into promoting his new movie. However, he seemed to forget that criticizing President Trump constantly during the last year won’t help him with this movie or any other he is going to be involved with in the future.

Clooney should know that criticizing the choice of the half of this country’s population is not a very intelligent move.

Most people don’t agree with his views on politics, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they won’t be interested in his movies either.

Many Hollywood producers and investors won’t be happy with this after putting major resources into this movie. For instance, Hollywood Reporter demonstrates us unmistakably that Clooney’s new motion picture is a flop.

This movie unsurprisingly has been completely ignored by Middle America.

This movie is expected to make just $4 million this weekend which is so much lower than anyone expected. If this situation doesn’t improve, this movie might just be Clooney’s biggest flop so far.

This is a clear demonstration that criticizing our President doesn’t get you more money – it actually cuts your audience even more.

This is a big lesson for Clooney and every other actor who intends to gain extra points by criticizing our President. These guys won’t stop shooting themselves in the leg.

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