George Clooney’s Movie ‘Suburbicon’ Is Officially His Biggest Flop So Far, It Earned Only…

Even the biggest pessimists didn’t expect that George Clooney’s “Suburbicon” will be such a big flop.

The movie is officially one of Paramount Pictures’ worst movies ever considering the box office results, and this statistic is the same for director George Clooney and actor Matt Damon.

“Suburbicon,” which appeared on 2,045 screens, was one of the worst releases in the last years. It made just $2.8 million which is bad considering it cost $25 million for Black Bear Pictures for production and $10 million for Paramount Pictures for distribution.

“Obviously we are disappointed in these results which we don’t feel are indicative of the quality and message of this original movie,” stated Kyle Davies, a Paramount executive.

The motion picture initially appeared at the Venice Film Festival, and it was made as a combination between an old Joel and Ethan Coen home-attack drama content and a satirical thriller placed in 1959.

Critics weren’t impressed either, the Rotten Tomatoes score for this movie is just 26%.

One of the critics said this about the movie: “so bafflingly bad, so fundamentally ill-conceived, so wanting in basic tenets of tone and narrative, it almost feels like the work of a first-time director…”

Deadline stated that “Clooney has sadly staged a misfire.” The Los Angeles Times, said that the movie is “dreadful movie for dreadful times.”

George Clooney made many unfortunate statements about President Trump recently,criticizing all the people that support him and voted for him too. The consequences, are evidently happening right now so we guess that Clooney wishes that he didn’t make those statements.

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