George Takei: ‘I’m Glad That Donald Trump And His Son Are Finally Going Down Because They Are…’

“Star Trek” alumnus George Takei has been talking a lot about Donald Trump and his family in recent months.

As a gay man, he has been an enthusiastic backer for LGBT issues and all the more as of late, he has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump.

In the wake of sexual assault affirmations, Takei disappeared for some time.

However when a few outlets went ahead with a story recommending that there was a remark about Donald Trump Jr’s. email history, Takei just couldn’t help it:

He additionally said he is glad that Donald Trump and his son are finally going down.

However, Trump Jr. was prepared with the rejoinder, recommending that Takei had succumbed to “fake news” and flipping the assault back on the performing artist:

“Wrong again Georgie… I figure you have more leisure time to peruse #fakenews now that it’s somewhat harder to utilize kids with liquor to attack them??? You know with all the additional examination.”

It seems like this man has no important business in his life. He is just seeking to go after our leader or his family. That’s just so embarrassing for him.



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