Hollywood Actor Ron Perlman Says: ‘Donald Trump Is A Fake President And He Is…’

Lately, Hollywood is assaulting our President constantly, it turns out that they’re biggest puppets of Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party. After Trump took his place in office, the liberals managed to turn every single celebrity against our leader. However all they do is bad to the movie industry.

At the moment Hollywood is facing a serious problem since almost every single Trump-supporter is boycotting their movies…

A member of Hillary’s company is Hollywood actor Ron Perlman as well. He has never made a mystery of the way that he truly hates President Donald Trump.

In fact his Twitter is loaded with tons remarks against our President. Take a look:

“You were the guy that blamed predecessors for past attacks. Well, this one’s on your watch, pal. Have a nice round of golf this wknd!”

“To the Trump family and all that encircle it: there IS a place at long last where lying is not tolerated. Thank you Mr. Mueller!”

Perlman’s latest assault went ahead the charges of rape of a minor against on-screen character Kevin Spacey, which just added more embarrassment to Hollywood that started with the assertions against producer Harvey Weinstein:

But Trump-supporters made him regret the tweet just instantly. Take a look:

We know it hurts now Ron…

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One Thought to “Hollywood Actor Ron Perlman Says: ‘Donald Trump Is A Fake President And He Is…’”

  1. CandyO

    Yes, and he’s a fake actor (who cannot act his way out of a paper bag), washed up, with no talent, trying to make himself relevant like all of the has-been zombies in hollyweird like Cher, Streisand, Rosie, and Amy Schumer… anyone find it strange that Amy shares the same last name as Chuck?

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