Hollywood Actress Alyssa Milano Strikes Once Again: ‘If Trump Fires Mueller, We Will Take To The Streets And…’

Trump commentators celebrated when the U.S. Branch of Justice designated special counsel Robert Mueller to deal with the examination concerning ties amongst Russia and the Trump campaign/transition group.

What’s more, as Mueller stacked his staff with Clinton givers and Obama staff members, the left salivated and a few on the right called for Mueller to be fired, yet at the same time, the examination proceeded.

Last Friday, news broke that Mueller’s group had recorded their first charges and that the main prosecutions could come this Monday.

Bits of gossip started to whirl promptly that Trump may attempt to fire Mueller before any such arraignments could be pointed:

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano rapidly acted ‘the hero’ with an idiotic answer for the issue:

However, hold up. She didn’t expect this coming… People started to attack her right after this tweet:

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