Hollywood TV Producers Have Placed Shameful Plaque In A Dishonor To Our President Trump

We comprehend what you’re considering: This must be a feature from the sarcastic site The Onion. Particularly since it occurred in Hollywood, the epicenter of the Harvey Weinstein sex-assault embarrassment, which has now prompted allegations against others.

No doubt, no.

As revealed by Mediaite on Friday, Hollywood TV makers have set a plaque in a Burbank Studios lot marking the spot where President Donald Trump in 2005 articulated his notorious “get them by the p***y” comment to “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush.

In 2016, Bush was terminated by NBC, where he was a “Today” cohost, after video of his trade with Trump was made open.

Seth Gottlieb, a visual effects artist for the TV programme “Legends of Tomorrow,” placed a picture of the plaque on Twitter last Friday:

He additionally posted the picture and going with depiction on his Facebook page, where there were a lot of remarks accordingly indicating many years of Hollywood hypocrisy and conceal of its own sexual assault.

Obviously, there were the individuals who cherished the plaque and called attention to that neither Weinstein nor others in Hollywood now being blamed for rape are the leader of the United States.

Nor was Trump at the time.

On the other hand, there was President Bill Clinton and a 22-year-old understudy. No word on whether Hollywood intends to put a plaque in the Oval Office. Leave your remarks about this unacceptable act in the comments below. 

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