Journalist Jason Whitlock: ‘NFL Protesters Are Acting Like Children With…’

In light of the many meetings between NFL proprietors and players about the protests and other questions, Fox Sports 1 “Speak for Yourself” sports host Jason Whitlock stated to the proprietors that they are “dealing with children with unrealistic expectations.”

“God bless all the owners for having to deal with this because they’re dealing with children,” Whitlock stated. “I don’t know how you negotiate.”

He included, “The players are going to throw a tantrum until [Colin Kaepernick] gets a job. I would tell the NFL ownership, ‘Be very, very careful.’”

Colin Kaepernick, currently a free agent, said that he will “join the discussion” in one week from now’s meeting amongst players and the proprietors.

Whitlock also added that he doesn’t think that this major issue will be solved in a single meeting – simply because nothing in history was solved that quickly.

However, he expressed hope that the two sides might find a common ground about this never ending problem.

Whitlock stated that at first he was completely against the meeting between players and owners because he though that it might be totally unproductive and pointless because the players are behaving like kids.

But, he admits that not showing up on that meeting would be a bad option also for owners because it will make them look bad.

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