NBC Host Megyn Kelly: ‘Trump Will Have To Leave Office Because All These Women Have…’

While showing up on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” recently, NBC host Megyn Kelly stated that President Donald Trump is facing a difficult task in denying his accusers’ claims that he sexually misbehaved towards them.

“I used to practice law for 10 years,” Kelly said to host Andrea Mitchell. “As a practical matter, the consistency of the allegations and his own admissions on tape deliver a problematic case to him.”

Recently, Kelly invited three of Trump’s accusers on her show “Megyn Kelly Today.” She commented that two of those ladies blamed Trump for doing things he stated that he was doing on tape.

Kelly stated at one point that a certain lady blamed Trump for treating her and many other Miss USA candidates “like pieces of meat”. She also said that Trump will have to leave office because all this accusers have solid evidence of everything that happened.

“One of the women who was on my show this morning talked about how he came backstage at the Miss USA pageant — she was Miss North Carolina at the time — and lined them up like pieces of meat, she said, and looked them up and down in the privacy of the dressing room … Donald Trump is on tape with Howard Stern admitting he liked to do that, even though he’s called this woman a liar.”

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was correct, Kelly stated, to claim that Trump’s accusers had a right to state what happened to them.

“Good for her,” Kelly stated. “Because this should not break down across partisan lines. Either you’re for women or you’re not. Either you want women to be able to tell their stories or you don’t.”

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Source: www.ijr.com

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