NFL Owners Are Afraid Of The Current TV Ratings: ‘The Game Is Almost Dead Because The Boycott Is…’

NFL athletes are going into their second month of national song protests and the ratings for the current week’s release of “Sunday Night Football” are announced and it’s not beautiful, of course not for the NFL organization.

The “SNF” matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Detroit Lions was down a severe 25 percent from a week ago’s match between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, as indicated by Deadline Hollywood.

Further, Game 5 of the World Series smashed the NFL in watchers on Sunday night by around 36 percent.

Here’s what Deadline Hollywood  has concretely announced:

With that, as the league and broadcasters have been losing ratings traction and snared in political controversy this season, last night’s Week 8 NFL game is down a hard 25% for SNF from last week’s gridiron battle. That Super Bowl LI re-match saw the New England Patriots blow out the Atlanta Falcons 23-7.

Year-to-year, Sunday’s Steelers’ win fell 17% from the comparable October 30, 2016 face-off when the big draw Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles 29-23.

A few hours earlier on Sunday, the majority of Houston Texans athletes took a knee amid the national song to protest remarks as of late made by the clubs proprietor, Bob McNair. McNair supposedly told other NFL proprietors in a current meeting,

“We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

Texans players additionally apparently considered peeling the decals off their caps as a demonstration of portest. However in the end they chose to kneel.

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