People Are Constantly Marching Against President Trump, But Why We Can’t See Any Protests Against Sexual Harassment In Hollywood? – Read More

A huge number of protesters are constantly gathering all over the US and marching against President Donald Trump. Yet, recently we can’t seem to see any kind of a protest against inappropriate behavior and rape in Hollywood, even after several weeks have passed since top Hollywood names were involved in outrageous scandals.

Hollywood basically created the protests against Trump, with the local police suspending the production of movies in downtown L.A. for couple of days as they concentrate on the protests happening there, as indicated by Deadline.

The protests in L.A. and across the nation are organized by an organization named Refuse Fascism, which is very close with Antifa. Reject Fascism support similar ideas as Antifa and they claim that they are just defending themselves from the far-right.

In a recent post on social media stated: “We are right to do this. For the survival of millions of people around the world, we must do this. For the rights of women to determine the course of their own lives, we must do this. For a future on this planet for all of our children, we must do this.”

But then nothing is done so far to protest against Hollywood stars who sexually harassed countless victims. The liberals protesting in Los Angeles never said a word about everything that is happening with the movie industry for the past months.

They never protested against Harvey Weinstein, who raped dozens of women. They never protested against House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, who has been blamed for raping an underage kid.

They never protested against CBS TV star Jeremy Piven, Dustin Hoffman, Brett Ratner and many other stars who are implicated in these scandals.

Instead Hollywood superstars are regularly protesting against Trump and criticizing him at every turn – no matter what he says or does.

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