Rapper Told Trump: ‘You Aren’t Welcome To Our Houston Charity Fundraiser Unless You Take Obama With You’

Well known Houston rapper Bun B, who is organizing a September 12 fundraiser to help casualties of Hurricane Harvey, says President Trump is not welcome unless he is joined by previous leaders of the United States.

Bun B explained TMZ,

“Putting Trump on by himself would send the wrong message and people wouldn’t buy the sincerity of it,”

he as well added,

“After what he did in Charlottesville, he’s not a symbol of unity and it would rub people the wrong way.”

Bun B expressed regrouping all the presidents together, would show solidarity, harmony and unity. He as well added that in a perfect world, it would be Trump and Obama alone, demonstrating that regardless of their disparities, they stood together versus Houston. He was unyielding about his refusal to have Trump on the fundraiser alone, saying with complete ignorance of Obama’s legacy,

“We don’t need a teleprompter President.”

Bun B called for solidarity, agreement, harmony and unity between all Americans.

After Trump’s triumph last November, Bun B claimed that Trump won since “he was going into urban communities where nobody that remarkable and famous had ever been,” including that Hillary Clinton was too self-asured and just expected they would win because the Democrats had won previously. He also explained,

“They had always been used to going up against people, they never had to go up against a brand. America didn’t elect a man; they elected a brand. It’s a lot easier for people to get behind a brand than it is a person.”

The fundraiser will be streamed on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX at about 8-9 p.m.



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  1. rachel

    Muslim brotherhood CAIR IS FUNDING THIS DIVIDE ALONG WITH SOROS REMOVAL OF HISTORY the last time Hitler and Muslim brotherhood worked together was WW11 js soros and CAIR today . Follow the money

  2. Mimi

    What has obama done to help ??? Your proving you are ignorant !! The man that has gone to help many times , donated $1, million of his money to help Texans !! And. YOU WANT TO BE RACEST AGENST HIM ?? SCREW YOU AND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU YOUR A FASEST RACEST PIG !!!

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