Sarah Sanders: ‘Working Under President Trump So Far Has Been…’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders stated to journalists that President Donald Trump set a wonderful trend for how ladies have to be treated in the working environment.

“Certainly, as a woman myself, I’ve never felt anything but treated with the highest level of respect and been empowered to do my job,” she said. “And I think that’s what I’ve seen the President do, day in and day out, since we’ve been here and during the campaign.”

Sanders stated that Trump’s activities were “a pretty good example” of how every woman should be treated in every kind of working environment.

She affirmed that workers were aware of the legal consequences of serving in the White House.

“I think all of us expect each person to live up and to meet those policies, and to not cross a line that is not only not legal but not appropriate or not ethical,” she stated.

Sanders added: “Working under President Trump so far has been a wonderful experience. I love my job and enjoy every second of it.”

Sarah Sanders is constantly being attacked by the liberal activists, but she is well aware that these things are in the job description and so far she dealt with them successfully.

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  1. Dub Burnett

    The lady is a great example of strength and perseverance! I personally appreciate her very much! Go Sarah!

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