This Senator Surprisingly Turns His Back On Trump And The Video Is Widely Spread

President Trump may have tons of work to do before the swamp is depleted, however certain party individuals are making it substantially less easier to pick who gets the boot.

GOP Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) demonstrated the world where her loyalties lie on Monday, utilizing a meeting with MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson to gripe about our President and throw a bombshell in regards to the 2020 elections.

When inquired as to whether she believes President Trump will be the party’s chosen nominee in 2020, Collins offered zero help and support for Trump and his organization, even to the point of admitting that “it’s too difficult to say.” But this shouldn’t be quite a bit of a shock when we discuss about Collins, who accepted the uncommon rare “open door” in front of cameras to twist the blade further.

“I didn’t support the president when he was our party’s nominee,” Collins said when inquired as to whether different Republicans should step in to keep Trump from picking up the nomination. “It was a very difficult position for me to take. I’d never taken it before.”

Collins obviously isn’t content with taking just her vote from President Trump, she needs to rally other professional politicians to abandon our Commander-In-Chief.

It is enormously exclusive for an incumbent president to get a primary test, with the last event being conservative staple Pat Buchanan testing previous President George H.W. Bush all along the 1992 race. Sadly for Collins and her “two-faced” companions, President Trump has huge amount of loyal and dedicated supporters by his side. There is no doubt that a primary test against President Trump would be party suicide, and the last thing this nation needs is a Democrat in the White House.

If you ask me, it is time for this nation to start picking a side that will make this country move FORWARD. If the GOP keeps on fighting within itself, the most important issues our President has been fighting to improve this nation and this country will fall apart. I’m sure you are all disordered and pissed of these indecisive betrayers that keeps on blaming our faithful leaders.

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