Sheriff David Clarke Got The Best Present From President Trump Just After Resigning

Hours back it was reported that Sheriff David Clarke was leaving from his office in Milwaukee County, however no one knew why.

All things considered, now we do… Thanks to 2 mysterious sources speaking with Politico, the new gossip is that:

President Trump supposed to name Sheriff Clarke to a MAJOR position in the White House.

Amazing. That would be a gigantic position. Regardless of the possibility that he is not the new Secretary of Homeland Security, there are a lot of real main jobs for an extreme cop like Sheriff David Clarke.

Here’s David Clarke, in the video below talking about President Trump.

All credits for the video goes to youtube channel McSimonus

At that point, when precisely asked about the new task, Clarke just reacted, “I’ll talk about my future plans next week.”

The gossip from the 2 “sources” is that Trump is going to give Clarke a position that won’t require Senate affirmation. To be reasonable, those Senate things can bring MOTHS with the obstructionist Dems.

This will likewise be the second time Trump has offered Sheriff Clarke a position. Back in June Clarke was offered a position in the Department of Homeland Security. Nonetheless, ultimately, Clarke turned it down. It would appear that he completly altered his opinion.

How about we help give Sheriff Clarke the warm welcome he merits by sharing this wherever as quickly as we can. Spread this info on social medias. Let’s make the democrats jealous.

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  1. Mary Zananiri

    Our president is very compassionate and
    Supportive of the American people’s

    Off all the ight almighty rich people’s has made
    Any afford to help that included the congress
    People’s. Who’s taking advantage of the
    Tax payers money they worry about the
    Illegals criminals instead of their own
    Who’s in time of need
    🙏🏼🇺🇸God bless our president
    And keep him safe

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