Tom Steyer: ‘Donald Trump Is Just Ready For Impeachment, We Have To Impeach Him Otherwise America Will…’

Leading Democratic supporter Tom Steyer, who as of now is running a $10 million publicizing effort that requiring the impeachment of President Donald Trump…

He responds to the report that the primary charges have been documented in the Mueller examination and to make his case for impeaching the President.

“The question will be not what is the first charge, but where do they lead, who is connected?”

“And I think regardless of anything else, that has to put this administration in some kind of internal crisis because the fact of the matter is they don’t know where it will lead either,” Steyer stated about the allegations Mueller has arranged.

“The case has already been made before Mr. Mueller has reported,” Steyer announced about impeachment of President Donald Trump.

“This president has met the basis for impeachment through already obstructing justice in the emoluments clause.

From my standpoint, this is the question of the American people being at great danger in terms of their safety and health due to the activity of this administration so that there’s an actual urgency to impeachment.”

“We aren’t going directly to these elected officials,” he stated about his impeachment plans.

“We’re asking the American people to join us and raise their voices because we believe the voice and the will of the American people still is and always should be the greatest power in the country.”

Tom Steyer is offending our President seriously and he is only trying to impeach him. Do you stand by Donald Trump? Share this article and show your support!




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